Monday, August 22, 2011

Party Hats!

For some reason I have become fascinated with party hats! I really love creating embroidered fabric ones after I made my first one for my own daughter on her 4th birthday. The way her face lit up at the hat and shirt - she wore it all day and for the whole weekend actually! The hat withstood smashing, bending, playing and being generally handled by a 4 year old. I was really pleased with that and thought that other moms might like a special keepsake for their little ones without it getting ruined my curious hands. These are lovingly sewn and embroidered with the age and name of your child, little ric rac or pom poms are added around the edge and one on the top. I add some nice fleece like lining under the fabric which gives it some stiffness while keeping it soft. To keep it on their heads I prefer elastic so they can play with putting it on and off easier than fighting with ribbon.

I have also started making paper party hats too, a more affordable way to still get a special handmade hat. I have two styles now - simple party themed ones and personalized ones for the Birthday boy or girl. Right now I have two styles in the Mod Monkey theme but I can create one in any of my party themes or in just cute colors! The girl one is one of my favorites with its cute green ric rack at the bottom...and the boy with its nice bright colors will look adorable on your little man!

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